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What you may not know is that I'm an avid Aerosmith fan, spicy marg lover, and a little too passionate at game nights. Besides serving our photography clients, one of my greatest joys is lovin’ on other creatives and photographers through education and encouragement.

I am an Atlanta based photographer, educator, and fan of sustainable + healthy leadership! You may know me as the founder of Dash Photography.

I'm Amanda!

Hey there,

Have you tried juggling everything only to drop all the balls and wonder if you’re really cut out for this whole running a business thing? I hear ya. A season of life-altering burn out filled with anxiety and depression forced me to overhaul my life, my business, my health, and my marriage. I started Revīv Retreats which is aimed at educating and equipping successful and overwhelmed small business owners fight burnout and exhaustion while finding relief and peace in doing less.


 I specialize in brand and event photography for brands, both large and small, and solo entrepreneurs.   I photograph those who want their brands to exude approachability and relatability through engaging and joy -filled imagery.  My services range from producing inviting head shots to full service social media management and photography.

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